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A Night with Rose

 5    Mar-19,2022

Rose is one of those things we know signal romance, but other than throwing it on the ground at a wedding, what do we do with them?

We may make a romantic night using rose elements. And here are some ideas.

Rose Petal Meals

For this romantic night, you’ll definitely need some rose petals!  Cook a meal or simply make a drink using rose petals to give your stomach a great treat and begin the night.

Rose Candles

Candles add an extra dose of love element to your date night. Since it's a rose-themed decor, these rose-shaped fragrance candles will surely make the night more beautiful and romantic. 

Rose Petal Bath

Is there anything more romantic than flower petals in a bath? Get a bath for two set up. Set the mood with tea lights and bubbles, and of course, sprinkle some rose bath bomb into the bathtub.

Rose Spray

Good fragrances evoke good feelings and for a romantic date night, fill the room with this spray that features the fragrance of fresh roses. 

Besides all the above, if you want some extra fun or a little thrill, there is also something that might fit.

Rose lingerie

Go out of routine and enjoy turning up the heat between you and your partner. Or simply do some role-playing with your date-mate.

Rose plug

Do the ‘thing’ in an unusual way~

BDSM gears

If you’re into BDSM, there are also some gears curated carefully for your conference.

Apart from showering your love with flower bouquets, you can try to invite your special someone for an intimate date night.

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