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Shipping Policy

Notification: Please note, all carriers are experencing high volumes of orders and have limited employee availability due to the impact of COVID-19. In some cases, shipping is taking longer than expected. We appreciate your patience with the postal services, thank you. 


Delivery City

We offer all products for the Contiguous United States delivery. Shipping services do not provided outside US.


We only provide transportation services in the US. All orders adopt uniform transportation standards. Mail services are not provided outside US.

Free shipping for orders over $50.00

$6 for less than $50.00

Delivery Times

All goods that are available in our warehouse, are placed after payment is made and shipped within 1-5 days of placing your order. Of course, we always strive to keep all products in stock for you. It may happen that there will be shortages, and in such cases, we will contact your e-mail. We do not provide delivery service on Sundays and public holidays.

Track Your Order

Once your order has left our warehouse you will receive a shipment confirmation email with a tracking number. Need to track your order? Click here

When will my order arrive?

We’re working hard to get all orders processed and have everyone’s date night box delivered to you. We currently offer USPS shipping. Thank you for your patience!


Estimated delivery times are to be used as a guide only and, depending upon the country and location, can be both shorter or longer. BADBOXX ships from Georgia in the United States of America.






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Discreet Delivery

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