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Date Night Box,Senior-Sexy Lingerie,Sexy Underwear,Sexy Bras,Sex Toy Box,Sex Toys,Lingerie

Date Night Box,Senior-Sexy Lingerie,Sexy Underwear,Sexy Bras,Sex Toy Box,Sex Toys,Lingerie

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What can be the easiest way to break your date routine?- Lingerie!
Where can the best Lingerie for a date be found? - Here at Badboxx!
Featuring a curated selection of sexy underwear, sexy bras, and other sex toys designed to stimulate you and your partner’s appetite for exploration.
Specially curated lingerie inside to enhance your charm and turn on each other.
More than just a date, badboxx gives you ways to have fun and build a stronger connection.


Open the box and get dressed.

Break the routine and light up the heat.

Sexy lingerie brings extra fun!

Get our date night box to fill your night and make it more than a night.

Date Rule:  No turning back after opening the box, be sure to explore everything together and have a wonderful night~

Each box may contain different stuff based on its theme, you may get 4-5 carefully curated goods from the following items:

● Lingerie: Thong, Tanga, Basque, and more, one-size-fits-all.

● Cosplay costumes: Costumes with different themes give you different role-playing experiences.

● Mask: Delicate masks made of Leather/fabric.

● Choker: A variety of chokers with unique designs and different shapes.

● Game dice/cards: Dice/Cards that include adventures and instructions for playing.

● Bath salt: Made with all-natural ingredients to help moisturize your skin and release your pressure.

● Solid perfume: Balm is the perfect replacement for carrying around a bottle of liquid perfume with more restraint and elegant aroma, which can only get sensed very closely.

● Condom/Lube: Little bonus to ensure the date goes on well.

● And more

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